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Even the best design will fail if it is not implemented properly. LANDVISION can assist you through the construction process to assure that you get the highest quality finished project available. We provide site construction administration services for our clients in Northern Virginia and the DC metro area, where we can work with you to assemble the team of contractors to build your project. As landscape architects and designers we are always eager to see our designs come to life. After the design work is completed we can provide you with whatever level of service your project requires to implement it, whether it’s recommending a general contractor, or overseeing the entire construction process for you.


In this phase we solicit bids and award contracts to qualified contractors. LANDVISION can handle the bidding process on your behalf, sending out sets of drawings and bidding instructions to reputable contractors and meeting on-site with them as needed. We perform a detailed analysis of all bids received, and on that basis recommend contractors to implement the work shown in our plans.


LANDVISION is committed to monitoring each project carefully to ensure that all work is done according to specification and to our high standards of workmanship. We maintain ongoing communication with both contractors and clients to facilitate a smooth, successful construction process. Having a design professional oversee the construction of your project assures that the work will be completed correctly, on time and on budget.

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