Residential landscape architecture can range in scale from the design of a small garden terrace and the associated plantings, to the siting of a new house on an undeveloped site — laying out the driveway, walkways and other site features so that they blend with the existing landform.

Most residential landscape project consists of these design phases:

Define the Design Program
The program is essentially the “wish list” of the elements that are to be included in your project; a free-form swimming pool, a natural pond, a shaded sculpture garden, a sundeck, a built in barbecue, and a tennis court are all examples of program items. Budget expectations are discussed and set in this phase.

Master Planning and Schematic Design
The Master Plan is an overall schematic design that organizes the program elements on the site and is easily read on as an illustrative plan drawing or as a Virtual 3D presentation. Preliminary budgeting is done at this stage also.

Design Development
This phase is where the design takes its final shape. Any generalities of the Master Plan are narrowed down and finish materials are defined. At this stage of the design work, fairly accurate cost estimates can be developed.

Construction Documents
Construction plans such as Layout Plan, Grading and Drainage Plans, Lighting Plan, Planting Plan, Construction Details, and Project Specifications are completed to provide contractors a detailed guide to bid on and construct your project.

Whatever the scope of your next outdoor project, we look forward to working with you to create an Outdoor Environment that will truly change your Quality of Life.

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